vendredi 21 août 2015

Concept Ships: An HD Spaceship Blogazine

Concept Ships: An HD Spaceship Blogazinezoom in One of the things that makes science fiction comic books, movies, video games and animation so compelling is the futuristic spaceships. The design of these space vessels provides insight into the culture and civilization of different alien races, and the progress of mankind. One of our favorite places to visit and discover spaceship designs is a site called Concept Ships.
This impressive blog features hundreds of high resolution conceptual images of futuristic spaceships, collected by the site’s curators as well as reader submitted designs from around the world. Many of the designs are so good that they could be used in the movies as-is. We’ve posted a few of our favorite designs from the site here, but you’ll want to head on over to their site to check out many more.
concept_ships_1zoom in
concept_ships_2zoom in
concept_ships_3zoom in
concept_ships_4azoom in
concept_ships_5zoom in
There are also spin-off sites for Robots, Aliens, Vehicles and Tanks, though they don’t appear to be updated as frequently.

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