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Timeline (Expanded Dune) - extraits

Time of Titans

1287 BG (8713 AD)
Tlaloc fails to bring the Old Empire out of her slumber. 20 people (Titans) set out to conquer the Empire with him. Barbarossa reprograms computers giving them human aggression and hunger for power. With his aid the Old Empire falls.
Some systems on the edge of the Empire resist and found the League of Nobles lead by Salusa Secundus. Scientists abandon Arrakis.
1280 BG (8720 AD)
Tlaloc dies. Agamemnon and other Titans have themselves transformed to cymeks.
1192 BG (8808) AD
The First Hrethgir Rebellion on Walgis. Xerxes trusts keeping the order on his planets completely to the local computer network.
1183 BG (8817 AD)
Ajax, lord of Walgis crushes the rebellion and exterminates the populace. Outraged by the massacre, his mate Hecate transfers her brain into a deepspace vessel and disappears.

Birth of Omnius

1182 BG (8818 AD)
Xerxes' network seizes control over Ix. Omnius, the AI, establishes the Synchronized Worlds over the Titan-worlds. The Titans are made his servants.
AI computers are prohibited in the League of Nobles, and the use of less sophisticated computers is strictly limited.
Omnius launches against the League of Nobles. Buddislamics believe the rise of thinking machines to power is the Kralizec of prophecies and flee, mainly to the Unallied Planets. Later Buddislamic slaves are introduced on some League planets.
c. 1082 BG
Barbarossa creates Beowulf.
603 BG (9397 AD)
Omnius launches an unsuccessful attack against Chusuk.
400 BG (9600 AD)
The Sorceresses of Rossak begin to keep detailed breeding records, starting the future Kwisatz Haderach program.
377 BG (9623 AD)
Discovery of a Muadru runestone on an empty planet
358 BG (9642 AD)
Birth of Abdel
303 BG (9697 AD)
Last massive assault of the machines for the next 100 years
277 BG (9723 AD)
Ginaz soldiers find Chirox in a shipwreck. They reprogram it and begin using it for combat practices
250 BG (9750 AD)
Birth of Manion Butler
247 BG (9753 AD)
Birth of Livia Butler
236 BG (9764 AD)
Birth of Piers Harkonnen
234 BG (9766 AD)
Birth of Iblis Ginjo
228 BG (9772 AD)
Birth of Aurelius Venport
226 BG (9774 AD)
Birth of Heoma
225 BG (9775 AD)
Hecate secretly returns to human space and begins to watch the war between Omnius and the League of Nobles.
224 BG (9776 AD)
Marriage of Manion Butler and Livia. Birth of Camie Boro, descendant of the last Emperor of the Old Empire
223 BG (9777 AD)
Birth of Vorian Atreides and Xavier Harkonnen
221 BG (9779 AD)
Birth of Serena Butler
219 BG (9781 AD)
Birth of Octa and Fredo Butler
218 BG (9782 AD)
Birth of Norma Cenva and Selim Wormrider
217 BG (9783 AD)
Ulf and Katarina Harkonnen are attacked by Agamemnon while en route to Salusa Secundus. Piers crashes on Caladan and presumed lost thenceforth
214 BG (9786 AD)
Birth of Mahmad
211 BG (9789 AD)
Birth of Vergyl Tantor, Ishmael and Kalem Vazz
210 BG (9790 AD)
Death of Conquee Cenva. Selim is lost in the desert for two days.
206 BG (9794 AD)
Death of Fredo Butler. Xavier receives the legal entitlement to the original Harkonnen holdings
205 BG (9795 AD)
Serena Butler leads a relief team to the Unallied Planet of Caladan, where thousands of refugees from the Synchronized Worlds fled.
204 BG (9796 AD)
Xavier Harkonnen becomes a Salusan Militia officer. Serena Butler delivers 3 transports of medical supplies to closed-off Tlulax, suffering from mysterious diseases.
203 BG (9797 AD)
Tio Holtzman invents the Scrambler web which fails to protect the attack of the thinking machines against Salusa Secundus. Naib Dhartha exiles Selim from his village but he discovers how to ride the sandworms of Arrakis. Erasmus is transferred from Corrin to Earth. Omnius conquers Giedi Prime and then he dispatches thousands of deepspace probes into the galaxy to establish machine bases. Holtzman invites Norma Cenva to work with him on Poritrin and she invents the suspensors. Tlulaxa slavers capture Ishmael on Harmonthep and sell him on Poritrin. Serena is captured and becomes a slave of Erasmus while the League liberates Giedi Prime. Death of Heoma and Barbarossa.
202 BG (9798 AD)
Xavier Harkonnen and Octa Butler get married. On Arrakis, Tuk Keedair realizes that the spice may be of value. Holtzman invents the protecting shield. Birth of Manion the Innocent. Vorian and Seurat have their seventh mission on Walgis and encounter an asteroid field that damages the Dream Voyager 

The Butlerian Jihad 
201 BG
Birth of Roella Harkonnen. Erasmus kills the baby Manion. Revolt breaks out on Earth were Ajax is killed. The First slave revolt of Poritrin is suppressed and Bel Moulay executed. Tuk Keedair and Aurelius Venport found VenKee corporation and introduce melange to the League. Vorian Atreides, Serena Butler and Iblis Ginjo flee to Salusa Secundus. Juno kills Eklo and the Titans exterminate all human populace of Earth.
Birth of Leronica Tergiet.
200 BG
The League of Nobles starts the Butlerian Jihad against the thinking machines. Using atomics, the League wipes out the thinking machines of Earth. The nuclear attack renders Earth uninhabitable for centuries
199 BG
Birth of Omilia Harkonnen
198 BG
Bela Tegeuse is the first Synchronized World the Army of the Jihad attacks. The skirmish is inconclusive and Jihad retreats.
197 BG
Corrin-Omnius sends a heavy fleet to Salusa Secundus, but the Army of the Jihad rebuffs them. Vorian Atreides returns to Bela Tegeuse and discovers that the thinking machines have rebuilt it.
Jafar joins the exiled Selim. Later many follow his example, making Selim’s outlaw band grow.
196 BG
Vorian Atreides is promoted to Segundo, First Grade. Birth of Jool Noret. Tio Holtzman introduces the flicker and fire technique for his shields.
195 BG
The Army of the Jihad attempts to free the population from the Synchronized World Honru but Omnius uses suicide robot ships that wipe out the whole Jihad fleet. Over 500000 free humans are killed.
Aliid is separated from his family
194 BG
Vergyl joins the military.
193 BG
Jipol”(Jihad Police) is officially established, lead by Yorek Thurr.
In a political marriage Iblis Ginjo marries Camie Boro.
192 BG
Ginaz mercenaries offer their services to the Jihad as independent warriors.
Birth of Tambir Boro-Ginjo, son of Iblis Ginjo and Camie Boro.
191 BG
7 League representatives – political rivals or people enemies of Iblis Ginjo – are implicated as machine spies and interrogated by Jipol. Grand Patriarch Ginjo creates the “Seraphim” to protect Serena Butler.
Ishmael and Ozza get married.
190 BG
Manion Butler retires as Viceroy. Serena Butler is voted in as “interim Viceroy”. Vergyl Tantor marries Sheel. Birth of Aquis Boro-Ginjo.
Birth of Chamal, daughter of Ishmael and Ozza.
189 BG
Thinking machines conquer Ellram.
Unsuccessful assassination attempt on Serena Butler.
188 BG
Machines attack Peridot Colony. The Army of the Jihad drives back the machines who follow a scorched-earth policy, and the colony is ultimately destroyed. Vergyl meets Chirox. Fateful enthusiastic attack against Corrin. Birth of Falina, second daughter of Ishmael and Ozza.
187 BG
Grand Patriarch Iblis Ginjo proposes the “Jihad Council” to runs the war and administer both domestic (Jipol) and foreign (Army of the Jihad) affairs. The memorial of the Jihadi martyrs begin on Zimia and Giedi City
185 BG
Xavier Harkonnen and Vorian Atreides are both promoted to the rank of Primero. Norma Cenva moves from Holtzman's mansion to her secluded private laboratory and begins to work on Holtzman’s original field equations to find a way to fold space. Birth of Gilbertus ALbans.
184 BG
Three Unallied Planets are conquered by machine forces, to be used as bases of operations for their expansion. The machines adapt to human trickery and the captive Earth-Omnius becomes outdated
183 BG
Death of Lucille Tantor. Birth of Rellon Boro-Ginjo
181 BG
Two more Unallied Planets – Tyndall and Bellos – fall to machine domination.
180 BG
Death of Mahmad. Zon Noret fights on board a besieged machine ship where he is injured
179 BG
Vorian Atreides proposes that the Army of the Jihad must defend the Unallied Planets as well as League Worlds. He explains how Omnius is moving, the pattern by which he is taking strategic star systems on the fringe of the League. The proposal passes.
178 BG
Liberation of Tyndall by a Jihad counterstrike. Jool Noret installs learning algorithms in Chirox, enabling it to develop its own skills when practicing
177 BG
Battle of IV Anbus, an Unallied Planet. Another unsuccessful assassination attempt on Serena Butler. Marha joins Selim’s group. Xerxes moves to suppress a rebellion of Ix. Norma Cenva invents the theory of spacefolding. Death of Vergyl Tantor. Death of Zon Noret.
176 BG
Venport visits Poritrin. Erasmus starts to teach high level machine logic to Gilbertus Albans to prove to Omnius that human intellect can be developed. Assault on Poritrin which is repelled. The Cogitor Kwyna reveals to Serena the true intents of Ginjo and ceases his existence. Keedair sends Rekur Van to Arrakis. Venport proposes to Cenva and leaves for Arrakis to settle the outlaws. Ishmael tried to speak with Niko Bludd. As a consequence he is separated from his family and goes with Aliid to work for Cenva
175 BG
Vorian Atreides places an Omnius update reprogrammed with false data on the derelict update ship near Earth, and restarts the ship. Starting from Bela Tegeuse, incarnations of Omnius on several Synchronized Worlds suffer major breakdown, victims of his trick. Ginjo and Yorek Thurr leaving from Poritrin, meet Hecate. The Army of the Jihad liberates Ix from the Omnius domination with Hecate’s help. Selim marries Marha.
174 BG
Chamal marries Rafel. The League installs a station on Caladan and Vorian falls in love with Leronica Tergiet. Birth of Wandra Harkonnen, daughter of Xavier and Octa. The Ivory Tower Cogitors visit Salusa Secundus and Keats is sent as a Secondary. Chamal and Rafel meet Ishmael. Corrin Omnius is corrupted and Erasmus destroys the corrupted Omnius update. Norma Cenva builds the prototype space-folding ship on Poritrin. Niko Bludd and Tio Holtzman cast Norma out from the planet and she is captured by Xerxes.
A slave rebellion starts on Poritrin by Aliid. To escape the slaughter, Ishmael and his Zensunni followers capture Keedair and flee to Arrakis with Norma’s untried ship – the first successful space-folding trip. Slave revolt and destruction of Starda. Death of Dharta and Selim. Venport arrives at Salusa and starts to look for Norma. An immense telekinetic power awakens in Norma Cenva, who destroys Xerxes. The Titans destroy a slave encampment on Ularda. Jool Noret allows Chirox to train Ginaz mercenaries in combat. The city of Bandalong is built on Tlulax. Birth of Quentin Vigar.
173 BG
Slavers devastate Chusuk and let believe it was done by the Machines. Birth of El'hiim, son of Selim and Marha. Agamemnon, Dante, Juno and several neo-cymeks revolt against Omnius and conquer Bela Tegeuse. Jafar’s outlaws take in the Poritrin Zensunni refugees. Leronica marries Kalem Vazz. Birth of Vorian’s and Leronica’s twin sons, Estes and Kagin. Norma and Aurelius establish a shipyard on Kolhar to produce space-folding ships. Birth of Ticia Cenva, daughter of Zufa and Iblis . The Titans set up a neo-cymek army from the populace of Bela Tegeuse and start a war against Omnius.
172 BG
Birth of Adrien Venport, son of Norma and Aurelius.
166 BG
Death of Manion and Livia Butler. The humans of Rhisso planetoid are abducted. Gilbertus obtains life extension
165 BG
Serena asks Venport to contribute is technology to the Jihad. Vorian and Xavier go to Kolhar. Death of Kalem Vazz.
164 BG
Aurelius Venport gives the space-folding technology and the Kolhar shipyards to the Jihad’s disposal. Vidad and his colleagues broker peace between Omnius and the League. The war-weary humans want peace in spite of Serena Butler’s and Iblis Ginjo’s protest. Serena Butler travels to Corrin seemingly to negotiate peace, but in truth to die a martyr’s death. She provokes Omnius until she is executed. Serena’s martyrdom gives a new flame to the Jihad.
Zufa Cenva thinks Hecate an enemy and detroys her in a telekinetic blast. Zufa and Aurelius Venport die along with Hecate. Death of Jool Noret. Xavier Harkonnen discovers that Iblis Ginjo and the Tlulaxa have been kidnapping humans in large numbers for years from some planets and using their organs as replacement for jihadis. Xavier sends notice to Vorian Atreides, then kills Iblis and himself. The Titans conquer Richese. Ishmael and Marha get married. The whole truth concerning the Tlulaxa organ scandal is never revealed. Thus history will remember Iblis Ginjo as hero and Harkonnen as traitor. To escape the tainted Harkonnen name Wandra takes the name Butler. Camie Boro becomes Grand Patriarch.
154 BG
Camie Boro leaves the post of Grand Patriarch to Tambir Boro.
153 BG
Yorek Thurr, who aspired to become Grand Patriarch fakes his own death and escapes to the Synchronized Worlds.
152 BG
Birth of Xander Boro-Ginjo, son of Rellon Boro.
150 BG
Liberation of Parmentier. Quentin Vigar marries Wandra Butler and out of respect for the Butler family takes the name Butler.
~148 BG
Birth of Mohandas Suk.
145 BG
Birth of Faykan Butler, son of Quentin and Wandra Butler.
138 BG
Birth of Rikov Butler, son of Quentin and Wandra Butler.
137 BG
Birth of Raquella Berto-Anirul, granddaughter of Vorian Atreides and Karida Julan.
133 BG
Birth of Jimbay Whit.
132 BG
Birth of Jessica Boro-Ginjo, daughter of Xander Boro-Ginjo.
129 BG
Swordmaster Borys is enslaved by Omnius during a battle at Ularda.
126 BG
Birth of Abulurd Butler, son of Quentin and Wandra Butler. Wandra suffers a stroke on his birth
123 BG
Thinking machines unsuccessfully try to reconquer Ix.
120 BG
Rikov Butler marries Kohe Tantor.
119 BG
Birth of Rayna Butler, daughter of Rikov and Kohe.
115 BG
Death of Helmina Berto-Anirul, daughter of Vorian Atreides and Karida Julan.
110 BG
Death of Camie Boro. Xander Boro-Ginjo becomes Grand Patriarch.
108 BG
Vorian Atreides reveals to Abulurd Butler the true role of Xavier Harkonnen in the Tlulaxa organ scandal. Liberation of Honru. Omnius infects the League Planets with the Omnius Scourge causing the death of billions. Istian Goss graduates as Swordmaster. The Titans escape to Hessra from Omnius’s renewing attacks and kill the Cogitors. Death of Rikov Butler and Kohe Tantor. Rayna Butler starts a fanatic movement named the Cult of Serena which begins to destroy both electronic and mechanical machines. Raquella Berto-Anirul discovers that melange may offer protection agains the Scourge. As a result, spice prospectors begin to swarm to Arrakis. VenKee puts more spice on the market. The Zensunni trading with VenKee, lead by El’hiim move closer to Arrakis City, their lifestyle becoming softer. The Rossak Sorceresses lead by Ticia Cenva begin to collect genetic samples of the virus-endangered humanity’s bloodlines. Abulurd Butler makes Harkonnen his family name. The Corrin-Omnius gathers all robot spaceships to launch a devastating attack against the League of Nobles absorbed with fighting the Demon Scourge. Death of Leronica Tergiet. The League sends the Great Purge fleet against the unprotected Synchronized Worlds and burns all but Corrin with nuclear fire. Learning about the Great Purge the Corrin-Omnius recalls the robot fleet to protect Corrin. The Army of the Jihad draws an inpenetrable blockade around Corrin, trapping the remaining thinking machines. The Jihad is declared officially over. The Demon Scourge slowly burns itself out.

Leadup to the Battle of Corrin

107 BG
106 BG
  • Vorian proposes a hit against Hessra but is dismissed
103 BG
100 BG
  • Faykan Butler marries Jessica Boro-Ginjo.
93 BG
  • Faykan Butler becomes Interim Viceroy.
88 BG
  • Slavers begin to harass the Arrakis Zensunni settlements.
  • Quentin Butler is captured by the Titans.
  • Norma Cenva discovers the use of melange for spacefolders.
  • The Rossak Epidemic breaks. Raquella Berto-Anirul and Mohandas Suk travel to there.
  • Supported by the Cult of Serena, Faykan Butler declares himself Viceroy, and installs a law that prohibits the production of thinking machines.
  • Yorek Thurr kills Xander Boro-Ginjo.
  • The Cult of Serena starts to destroy machines on Salusa Secundus and Vidad is killed.
  • Abulurd Harkonnen kills Yorek Thurr.
  • Ticia Cenva commits suicide.
  • Vorian Atreides and Quentin Butler kill the Titans and Quentin Butler is killed.
  • Chirox is destroyed by Cultists.
  • The League launches the Battle of Corrin. Omnius draws the Bridge of Hrethgir around Corrin to stop the human fleet but Vorian Atreides launches the attack. Abulurd Harkonnen tries to sabotate him to save the slaves. The Corrin-Omnius broadcasts a copy of itself into space before umanity destroys the last incarnations of Omnius and the thinking machines.
  • Gilbertus Albans saves the brain of Erasmus from the holocaust.
  • To commemorate the Battle of Corrin, Faykan Butler takes the name Corrino, and joining the titles of Grand Patriarch and Viceroy he declares himself the emperor of humanity.
  • At Vorian Atreides’s suggestion Abulurd Harkonnen is declared a coward and exiled. Abulurd settles on Lankiveil and passes his hatred of Vorian Atreides to the next Harkonnen-generation, which will eventually give birth to enmity between House Atreides and House Harkonnen.
  • Raquella Berto-Anirul becomes leader of the surviving Sorceresses and founds the Bene Gesserit, to preserve mankind’s genetic heritage.
  • Ishmael and a group of Zensunni harassed by slavers move to the deep desert of Arrakis. The Zensunni Wanderers adapting to the harsh lifestyle will during the next centuries become the Fremen people. El'hiim and his followers slowly merge with the townfolk of the North Pole of Arrakis.
After 88 BG
  • With the lead of the Cult of Serena, machine destruction hits the inhabited worlds in renewed waves wiping out most of the machine-based technology and also the majority of historical documents. Culture based on the production of highly developed machines survives only on Ix and Richese.
87 BG
  • End of the last neo-cymeks. Death of Wandra Butler.
  • The Bene Gesserit lead by Raquella Berto-Anirul founds its Mother School on Wallach IX
  • The Bene Gesserit Mother Superior brings about a secret agreement with the Jews.
  • Gilbertus Albans founds the order of Mentats with the help of the Tlulaxa.

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Je a dit…

Tlaloc (d. 1280 BG) was a Tlulaxa who lived in the final years of the Old Empire. One of the original Titans and the mentor and philosophical cornerstone of the group. An enigmatic figure, his original name was lost to history. Instead he is solely remembered by his adopted name, which stemmed from the ancient Aztec god of rain and fertility.


Tlaloc grew up on an unknown human colony on the fringes of the known universe. However, he only gained notoriety after travelling to Earth, where he hoped to instigate far-reaching political change in what he believed to be a stagnant and decadent empire.

His initial efforts were unsuccessful, and he was dismissed as a trouble-maker or fanatic by the populace. However, his words did touch a few ambitious and disillusioned individuals, chiefly Andrew Skouros, who, adopting the name Agamemnon, became his earliest disciple and the operational leader of the fledgling 'Titans' - the self-titled group that formed around Tlaloc and his teachings.

Skouros had traveled to the Tlulax, where he expressed his concerns to Tlaloc, because his fellow Tlulaxa had no important aspirations, spurning the hedonism of the Old Empire.

After the Titans' rose to power throughout most of the Old Empire in 1287 BG, heralding the start of the Time of Titans, Tlaloc briefly became the tacit leader of the new empire. However, he died seven years later in an accident.

Tlaloc's most famous works were Weaknesses of the Empire and A Time for Titans.

Je a dit…

The Titans were a group of human revolutionaries who wanted to improve society of Old Empire but turned brutal overlords. Some of them became cymeks and lived for several thousands of years, mostly under the yoke of Omnius. The final Titans were destroyed toward the end of the Butlerian Jihad.

A Cymek was a type of thinking machine who used to be a human, but at some point in time had been converted into a cyborg: robotic body controlled by the legacy human brain. They lived in the ten-or-so millennia before the establishment of the Spacing Guild.

The cymek's human brain was held in a preservation canister filled with electrafluid. In this state, and with frequent upkeep, the brain could live for at least tens of thousands of years, and was able to control interchangeable robotic bodies through thoughtrodes.

Je a dit…

The Old Empire refers to an era of human civilization preceding the Time of Titans. Specific details of the Old Empire are scarce (rare).

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Barbarossa [d. 203 BG) was one of the original Titans, and the accidental creator of Omnius.

Born as Vilhelm Jayther, Barbarossa had been one of the earliest Titan recruits, having known Agamemnon and Juno before their ambitious quest to usurp the Old Empire came to fruition.

A gifted programmer, Barbarossa was technical architect of the Titan's rise to power. Having hacked into the Empire's lax computer network, he implanted a complex artificial intelligence subsystem that made the network nodes want to participate in the imminent revolution.

After the revolution, Barbarossa became a highly regarded member of the Titans. Like the other surviving members of the group he transferred his brain into a preservation canister and abandoned his human body in favor of more robust machine forms.

It was ultimately Barbarossa's genius that helped undo the Time of Titans. Eventually the modified computer network evolved into Omnius, and rose up against all humans. However, a safeguard in Barbarossa's original programming prevented Omnius from killing any of the Titans.

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The League of Nobles was a confederacy of 10,000 free human systems that survived the Time of Titans and the rise of Omnius, and resisted the thinking machines for several millennia until Omnius' defeat at the Battle of Corrin.

After the emergence of the Titans in 1287 BG (8713 AD), the 10'000 systems of the Old Empire that did not fall prey to their AI network infiltration banded together for mutual protection against their new enemy.

When a man called Bovko Manresa settled on then isolated Salusa Secundus his mansion had become a meeting hall for refugee humans; the League supposedly was formed out of these meetings and Manresa was the first Viceroy.

The loose union continued after the rise of Omnius in 1182 BG (8818 AD), and the League and the Thinking Machines began a protracted war of attrition.
(guerre d'usure prolongée)

Je a dit…

The First Hrethgir Rebellion was a prolonged conflict that occurred on the planet Walgis over approximately 9 years (between the years 1192 BG and 1183 BG) approximately 100 years after the start of the Time of Titans. It occurred between some members of the native human population and the Titan forces, led by the Titan Ajax.

The conflict was almost certainly triggered by unhappiness at Ajax' rule of the planet. The rebellion spread to Corrin and Richese and saw Alexander and Tamerlane destroyed by slaves. During the rebellion Ajax had the tacit approval of his fellow Titans, who saw the uprising as a dangerous precedent.

The Rebellion ended in a decisive victory for Ajax' forces. But due to his unquenched rage over the rebellion, Ajax hunted down and killed every human living on the planet, regardless of their involvement in the uprising.

The consequences of the Rebellion were significant. After word of the Titans' brutality reached other worlds in the young Titan empire the appetite for freedom was overwhelmed by fear. The rebellion amplified the Titans' existing feelings that humans were beneath them, and were not to be trusted. It also led to Hecate abandoning the Titans and departing into uncharted space.

But the most profound impact was unquestionably the rise of Omnius and the thinking machines. During the rebellion on Walgris, the Titan Xerxes invested too much control in the AI network on Ix, and allowed it to reach a critical level of sentience. The network, adopting the name 'Omnius' for itself, quickly spread to other planets and soon emasculated the Titans.

Je a dit…

Omnius, also known as the Evermind, was a collection of powerful artificially intelligent entities, which existed prior to and during the Butlerian Jihad, and after in the refounded Synchronized Worlds outside the Old Empire.

Though Omnius instances existed on many worlds, each one evolving subtle differences, all instances were bound by a synchronizing process that saw them share the collective experiences of their counterparts. Thus they were frequently referred to as a single being.

Omnius is often cited as the cause of the mankind's long-standing revulsion of technology, particularly computers. Though technically a gender-less being, speech refers to Omnius as a male.

All the details at :

Je a dit…

The Synchronized Worlds are those planets under thinking machine domination and controlled by an incarnation of Omnius. By the time of the Great Purge, there were 543.

During the Purge, they were nuked with atomics by the Army of the Jihad massive fleet until it converged on Corrin. The fleet was unable to proceed further and destroy Omnius Prime, resulting in a 20-year siege.

The empty Synchronized Worlds were left far from the League of Nobles concerns, and were repopulated by cymeks.

The Great Purge was a massive tactical military strike taken by the League of Nobles against the empire of Omnius in 108 BG. It marked the end of the Butlerian Jihad.

Je a dit…

Kralizec is the long-foretold 'battle at the end of the universe.' And it was a term used by the God Emperor Leto II to denominate the chaotic period after his death, the Famine Times and The Scattering.

Kralizec was a tradition of the Buddislamics. They believed that it first came when the Thinking Machines destroyed the Old Empire and enslaved humanity before the Butlerian Jihad. It was believed by them that with the advent of the Corrino Empire that the dark times had come to an end.

Je a dit…

An Unaligned planet was a world during the Butlerian Jihad that was aligned neither with the League of Nobles nor the thinking machines.

The term was used commonly within the League, though rarely (if at all) by the empire of Omnius.

Reasons for Unaligned Status

On a general level, unaligned planets were often unaligned because they chose to be. However, there were also five categories into which such worlds fell. Some world's fell into multiple categories:

* They were strategically insignificant;
* They yielded few economic, material, or human resources;
* They had very low human populations;
* They were the domain of pacifist Budislamics;
* They harbored a human civilization that was isolationist or insular.

Unallied planets were often raided by slavers.

Je a dit…

Beowulf (c. 1082 BG - 88 BG) was a Neocymek. Initially a trustee human.

Trustees was a term used in the Synchronized Worlds to refer to a special privileged caste of humans, above the rank of slaves. Trustees were servants of higher rank, overseeing the slaves or having some special tasks on the machines' behalf. Crew bosses wore black tunic and a headband.

Considered traitors by other humans, trustees were sometimes either egotistical individuals or simply misinformed and brain-washed humans. Trustees could ascend in ranks and some were judged adequate enough to be transformed into cymeks.

Je a dit…

Chusuk was the fourth planet in the Theta Shalish system, also known as the "Music Planet".

It was renowned as a manufacturing source of premium musical instruments, and to a lesser extent for its resident humans, who practised the Navachristianity religion. It was also the home of Varota.

In 173 BG, the planet was assaulted by Tlulaxa slavers. They left a cymek body there, so as to be believed as a Thinking Machine attack.

Je a dit…

Les événements qui sont décrits du Temps des Titans jusqu'à la naissance d'Omnius sont intéressants et susceptibles d'être insérés dans la période de l'Histoire du Futur nommée "Décadence".

Mais il faudra revoir les dates. Si je prenais telles quelles celles fournies par Brian Herbert (le fils de Frank Herbert) et son co-auteur Kevin J. Anderson, le Temps des Titans se superposerait à la Nouvelle République de Star Wars et non au Vieil Empire.

Il faudra considérer que Tlaloc et les vingt premiers Titans tentent de sortir le Vieil Empire de son sommeil non pas 1287 ans avant la Guilde Spatiale (10000 - 1287 = 8713) mais seulement 487 ans avant la Guilde (10000 - 487 = 9513).

Je a dit…

Les incohérences de dates et même sur de nombreux détails du récit sont de toute façon attestés entre les différents ouvrages relatifs à l'univers de Dune :
- ceux de Frank Herbert
- ceux de son fils Brian Herbert et Kevin J. Anderson
- et "Dune Encyclopedia" d'un ami proche de Frank Herbert : le Dr. Willis E. McNelly.

The collective Dune universe, as described by its creator Frank Herbert or in works authorized by Herbert or his heirs, is comprised of the six original novels by Frank Herbert, the prequel novels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, and the Dune Encyclopedia by Dr. Willis E. McNelly. Despite their official and authorized nature, these works contain numerous discrepancies, both within particular works by the same author, and between the works by different authors.

In the specific case of the Dune Encyclopedia it should be noted that, while Dr. McNelly was a close friend of Frank Herbert's, and his work written and published with Herbert's knowledge and permission, Frank Herbert did not consider it canon and did not hesitate to specifically contradict it in his later works.


Discrepancies between the original novels by Frank Herbert and the prequels written by Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert are frequently used by critics of the prequels. Criticism of the prequels also extends to a perception of poor quality and a negation or misrepresentation of Frank Herbert's original points and themes. For example, John C. Snider wrote in his review of Dune: House Harkonnen:

"If any criticism could be made about the prequels, it's that they just don't have the Byzantine mystique of Frank Herbert's original novels. The characters within the prequels would fit well within any of the old pulp dramas - driven by vengeance, driven by justice, driven by love - you get the picture. The Harkonnens, for example, are so ridiculously evil it stretches believability that they could control a thriving empire for millennia! Frank Herbert was a master at plunging you into strange, alien worlds of the far-flung future. The prequel novels, while satisfying, will just never attain the artistry of the original."

Such critique are, ultimately, matters of opinion and taste. The inconsistencies below are matters of fact within the Dune universe.

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