jeudi 16 juin 2016

Localisation de la Terragens du Bras d'Orion et des principales civilisations voisines ("émettrices de haute énergie")

HEEC = "High Energy Emission Civilisations" detected at long range in the Milky Way Galaxy to date

Within the Milky way nearly a hundred and fifty medium emission civilisations have been found, all emitting energy somewhere betweeen Kardaschev Type I and II levels, comparable to the Solar System before the emergence of the Archailects. Approximately a quarter of these have disappeared over the period of observation, some to become more advanced societies with different characteristics, some perhaps have retreated into solipsism or been destroyed.

The High Energy civilisations are of particular interest, particularly HEEC2, located around the galactic core (a dangerous radiation flux environment) and also HEEC3 and HEEC5, all of which share some elements with the Meistersinger migration route adjacent to Terragen space, so may be associated with that race. The distant volumes HEEC7 and HEEC4 have displayed clear signs of high tech combat and weapons of great destructive force, while the closest advanced civilisation HEEC1 has apparently suffered conflict with the backscattering waves of its own expansion front and is considerably weakened.

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