dimanche 10 juillet 2016

Dogmen, Dog-men

Image from Arik

Clade of Rianths distinguished by human form except for a somewhat modified dog's head, and sometimes a tail. Dog-men have both dog-like and human senses, so they have good eyesight, hearing and a good sense of smell. They are omnivorous like humans, but prefer meat.

Socially the Dogmen are solitary, coming together only to mate or exchange information. Most dogmen have superbright levels of intelligence, an unintended side-effect of the engineering which produced them in the Late Interplanetary Age (apparently on one of Saturn's Moons).

Image from Steve Bowers

Small populations of dogmen are found on many worlds, where their secretive nature and acute senses allow them to find employment as specialised soldiers, secret agents or private investigators.

A small colony can be found in the Rufus system; larger populations exist in Cableville and Kepleria, artificial worlds with large land areas where this asocial clade can find plenty of room to be alone in.

The term 'dog-men' is also commonly applied to various clades of werewolves, although these tend to prefer the term 'wolf-men' among their own kind.

Source : http://www.orionsarm.com/eg-article/4a3bea795acac

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